Forget Buying a New TV, This Is Why You Need a Projector

TVs have dominated the world of home entertainment for decades. But projectors are around the same price, take up less space, offer a better experience, and are far more versatile. It’s time to dismiss the idea of a TV upgrade and join the projection party.

While the idea of “operating” a projector may sound complicated and conjure thoughts of messing around with reels of film, it isn’t complex at all. During the initial setup, you may have to spend a couple of minutes adjusting the focus and keystone with some models—but beyond that, it isn’t really any more complex than turning on a TV.

A wide range of projectors is also available to suit different needs. On a tight budget? No problem. Short on space or living in a small apartment? Short throw models have your back. Need something ultra-portable? You get the idea.

So let’s take an in-depth look at why a projector is a far better option than a new TV.

Small TVs are available for around $100, while a top-of-the-line 8K model will set you back a few thousand. Projector pricing follows a similar logic. You can pick up a cheap 1080p projector for under $100 these days. That cheap projector will also give you a 100-inch display, while the cheap TV might be the size of a laptop screen. TVs that offer similar screen sizes to projectors tend to cost thousands of dollars—more on that later. As you would expect, there is a vast difference in quality between affordable, mid-range, and high-end projectors.

If you want to dip your toes into the pool of projection, the cheap projectors aren’t all that bad. You’ll get a large, HD image that, when combined with a soundbar and a dark room, can create a reasonable home cinema experience.

Though, when you hit the mid-range (around $500 to $1000) you will see several benefits. For a start, the whole image will be in focus; the cheaper models only tend to have the middle of the picture in focus, while the top and bottom can be a little fuzzy. You will also be able to watch what you want during the daytime with the curtains open or the lights on in the evening.


At the top end, for those who are happy to drop a few thousand dollars on their entertainment systems, you have your 4K and 8K projectors. You will also see features like “ultra-short-throw” projecting, which produces a large image despite the projector essentially touching the wall.

So in terms of price and functionality, there’s something for everyone. If you spot a good deal, you might even get a little bit extra for your money.

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