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About Xnano

Xnano is a brand that was founded in 2021, with a primary focus on producing high-quality home projectors. The founders of the company were a group of passionate individuals who were determined to make a difference in the projector industry by offering consumers an affordable, yet cutting-edge projector that would enhance their home entertainment experiences. The story of Xnano began when the founders were searching for a projector to use in their own homes. They found that most of the projectors on the market were either too expensive or lacked the features they were looking for. This led them to believe that there was a gap in the market for a high-quality, yet affordable projector that could meet the needs of everyday consumers. After months of research and development, the Xnano team came up with their first prototype. They tested the projector extensively, and after making several modifications, they were confident that they had created a product that was not only affordable but also delivered high-quality performance. To make sure that their product was accessible to everyone, Xnano focused on creating an efficient supply chain that would allow them to keep costs low. They partnered with suppliers who could provide them with high-quality components at a reasonable price, and they also invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that could produce projectors quickly and efficiently. Xnano's dedication to quality and affordability paid off, and soon the brand began to gain recognition in the industry. Consumers were impressed with the high-quality performance of the projectors, and they were thrilled to find a brand that offered an affordable alternative to the expensive projectors that were dominating the market. Today, Xnano continues to be a leader in the home projector industry. The brand is committed to innovation and is always looking for ways to improve the performance of its products. With a focus on quality and affordability, Xnano is on a mission to make high-quality projectors accessible to everyone.

Who we are

Xnano is a brand of projectors that offers a range of high-quality projectors for both personal and professional use. Xnano prides itself on its commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing its customers with the best possible products and services.

Our vision

Xnano is a brand that values its corporate culture and vision. Our mission is to provide high-quality projectors that meet the needs of its customers.

About Home and Imagination

Xnano continues to explore innovative and diversified products,
Integrate into every pattern,
Large or small, rooted or drifting,
Respect every form,
Alone or subordinate, pioneer or tradition.  Nuts break through excuses, Inject your own comfort and existence into your home.

Our history

Xnano has been created

2021 Jan 04

First model X1 release

2022 Jan 17

Second model X1 pro release

2023 jan 1

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